Get your marketing collateral translated by our first rate DTP translation team

DTP translation

Let us translate and set your brochures, technical guides and user manuals

Clients in overseas markets need to be able to clearly understand the content and overriding message of your publications if you are to create the right impression. This is where our highly skilled DTP translators come in. We can translate the contents of your PDF or DTP files into any community or world language, including corporate and brand logos, graphic design and any other artwork for online or printed use.

Achieve outstanding results with our multi-lingual creatives

Our DTP translators are experienced in marketing and design and have a detailed knowledge of your business sector so that your publications are always accurately translated and localised within your timescale. Our DTP translators can quickly translate and adapt to your chosen markets any marketing materials, website, technical manuals, corporate brochures, flyers, presentations, conference packs and much more.

Full document lay-out saves you time and effort

Once we have translated your file(s), our professional DTP translator who also has a sound working knowledge of all the main industry standard packages, will typeset your document taking into consideration how the finished document should be delivered – online, digitised, ready for print or both. They will also look at the artwork package used to create the source document, specific settings and fonts we may need access to, as well as graphics localisation required by certain markets.

Full QA checking for outstanding customer service

Following typesetting we will proof-read the document for error and to ensure it complies as closely as possible in content and accuracy with the source. In order to do this we will need the original source document so that the end translation does not reflect any technical inaccuracies or information that should not be there.

Text Expansion and Page Re-formatting

It is worth noting that text can often expand when being translated, which is why the design of your PDF or file should take account of likely changes in font size, line spacing and re-positioning of text, graphics and images to accommodate the new language.

We offer competitive rates on DTP translations, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.