Boost your export sales with our handy cross-cultural sales and communication courses

Cross-cultural sales and communication

Learning how to communicate well across borders is essential in today’s global village where differences in language and socio-cultural mores are still as prevalent. This is why we offer in-house training in cross-cultural sales and communication that is ideally suited to any export sales executive, sales manager or international sales administrator.

Our premise is simple – you need to understand what motivates your overseas customer or business contact before you can negotiate or sell effectively to that market.

Our course is designed to take the stress out of cross-cultural communication by learning how to develop a positive image, read key cultural signs and behaviours, improve listening skills, learn how to deal with challenging situations, overcome objection and turn a negative into a positive.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Look at different methods of communication across cultures
  • Examine the importance of body language, facial gestures, posture and voice tone
  • Consider appropriate language used by different cultures
  • Discuss strategies for dealing with difficult behaviours and challenging objections
  • Look at existing sales and communications strategies
  • Formulate strategies for better cross-cultural communication

We only use the best cultural training consultants who are used to working with organisations both large and small across diverse business sectors. Our cultural experts will work closely with you individually and as part of a team to address the main cross-cultural communication issues that could be conflicting with your everyday job. Seminars are usually either half or a full day, but our courses are highly flexible and we are happy to customise training to suit your individual need.

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