We can translate any audio or video file on time and within budget

Transcription services

At Language Linx we can transcribe any kind of audio or audio-visual tape, recording, film or CD within your required budget and timeframe. With over 20,000 highly experienced transcribers who work across both public and private sectors from government and defence, legal and medical, financial and insurance, manufacturing and retail, telecommunications and media, we speak the language of your business sector and can quickly transcribe your work with 24 hours or less.

All our transcribers are practised in the art of transcription and have worked all over Europe supporting major government institutions, banks and investment firms, legal organisations, blue chip firms, multinationals and manufacturers with a wide range of transcription projects.

No transcription job is ever too large of too small and for volume projects we can assemble teams of qualified transcribers who have been carefully vetted for their skills and experience, and understand the importance of achieving strict quality and accuracy goals within your desired deadline. Many of our transcribers are registered with top industry associations such as IoL and ITI and are often educated to degree standard or equivalent with knowledge of your particular business sector.

What kind of audio-visual tapes can we transcribe?

  • Legal interviews
  • Medical records
  • Police interviews
  • Prison meetings
  • Government meetings and reports
  • Sales and buyer meetings
  • Telephonic meetings
  • Hospital assessments
  • Social services meetings
  • Clinical trials
  • Radio and TV documentaries
  • Corporate and training videos


We offer three main types of transcription service:

a) Pure transcription: where the translation will remain in the source language of the material.
b) Basic transcription: where the source material is translated into the target language, usually Irish, but can be any language pairing, for e.g Arabic to French.
c) Superior Transcription: where the source material is translated into the target language then into multiple languages.

While our quality is always second to none and our rates amongst the most competitive in the business, it’s not always possible to give an exact quote of how long it will take to translated your work. This is because every recording is individual and depending on the quality and clarity of the original recording, it could take anywhere between 6 and 12 times the duration of the original tape to accurately translate your work.

For your convenience, we accept most standard media formats for transcription, including digital video/audio, cassette, micro cassette DVD transcription, MP3, CD, Minidisc, WAV, MPEG, Realplayer, and Windows Media.

For more information on our range of transcription services, please contact a member of our team on +43 720 815 277 or email us at info@languagelinx.eu