Improve your business technique with different cultures with our cross-cultural management training

Cross-cultural management training

Essential cross-cultural training for managers

Today’s managers are not just faced with the usual issues such as managing production schedules, HR recruitment or payroll management, they are increasingly faced with the challenges and pressures of cross-cultural differences born out of a highly unique and ethically diverse workforce.

Language Linx recognises the need to embrace different cultures, religions and ethnicities and the need to become competent in cross-cultural management techniques if you are to get the best out of your culturally diverse staff.

All our cross-cultural management courses are led by a highly qualified business culture expert who is management trained. Our courses can be tailored to suit any company or business environment and can be delivered as short, intensive training seminars or as more in-depth courses over a number of weeks.

How can managers benefit from cross-cultural training?

  • Examine how cross-cultural conflict can emerge and impact in the workplace
  • Look at ways of effectively handling cross and inter-cultural disagreements and differences
  • Training on how to develop better communication, conflict management, leadership and assertiveness skills
  • Learn how to get the best out of your multi-cultural team

We appreciate that your management time is limited, which is why we offer highly flexible courses that can be delivered at your company premises at a time that is totally convenient for you. On completion your managers will receive a certificate in cross cultural management and have the option to further their development by participating in one of our other cross- cultural or inter-cultural business courses.

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